About Us

For over 15 years we have been travelling across Europe, cycling and enjoying the sights and experiences of countries such as Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Iceland (- don’t ask Alan about Iceland though you’ll be there for hours....) along with Holland and Slovenia, to name but a few.

Our trips abroad got us thinking about what the Highlands of Scotland has to offer and how we could share this with you.

For every mile abroad we have cycled hundreds more in the Highlands, and whether commuting, or just to experience the sheer beauty of the scenery. With our extensive local knowledge and insight into all things ‘Highland’, we have something unique and special to share with you.

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Alan Heath, one of the cycle team leaders

Alan Heath

Where to find him:  On a road or mountain bike somewhere in the Highlands. Or on the Brahan Estate where he keeps his horses, tending to the Highland Cows and other livestock.

What’s your inspiration for HCT: As a group of friends, we'd been cycling abroad for years and this gave me the idea of setting up a guided cycling tours business in the Highlands. It's not just a business! The scenery, history and culture of the Highlands makes it a special place and what better way to see it than on a bike. 

Gavin Andrew, one of the cycle team leaders

Gavin Andrew

Where to find him: If not out cycling with the guys he will be trying to keep up with his wife Marion, who has just bought a new electric mountain bike!

Why Cycle with HCT: Our office is effectively the Highlands of Scotland - a place we know so well and have a genuine passion for. This local knowledge and expertise in Highland culture will ensure that your holiday will be a wonderful experience.

Philip MacRae, one of our team leaders

Philip MacRae

Likely to be: Either out on a mountain bike or practicing the bagpipes. (Boy does he need the practice!)

Tip for cycling in the Highlands: There is no such a thing as bad weather - only bad clothing! Honestly, the Highland weather is not as bad as you think. However do consider your clothing and pack layers and a good waterproof jacket, just in case.